A Series

A Series


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  • Rugged bolt in design provides easy cable change. Positive, watertight seal to 65’ submergence and protection against rough handling.


  • Premium grade, permanently lubricated with high temp grease, and oversized for maximum B·10 rated life. Insulated or roller bearing designs available for special requirements.


  • One piece, dynamically balanced, 430F SS shaft with precision machined shoulders to positively support bearings and impeller. Short overhang, large diameter shaft for extremely low deflection and minimal vibration for superior seal and bearing life.


  • High efficiency, VFD duty motor windings with Class H insulation and 1.15 service factor. Options include; IE3 Premium Efficient motor rating, NEMA MG-1 Part 31 VFD specific windings, VPI (Vacuum Pressure Impregnation) Insulation to 99% Fill Factor and Explosion Proof Motors for Class I, Division 1, Group C & D area classifications with FM or ATEX approvals.


  • Stator winding temperature continously monitored by thermal switches embedded in each phase offering protection from high temperature upset conditions. Optional RTD sensors are available for continuous readout of stator temperature for special applications


  • Standard wet pit submergence-cooled or jacket-cooled options are available for all dry pit, partially submerged or special applications.


  • Immediate indication of water intrusion is provided by an optional stator moisture monitor and/or junction box moisture monitor. Early detection minimizes mechanical damage and downtime needed for repair.


  • Generously sized oil chamber provides positive lubrication and cooling of mechanical seals and lower bearings to assure long service life. Oil chamber is continuously monitored for water intrusion with standard internal seal probe.


  • Two independent mechanical seals in tandem arrangement, provided as standard with hard silicon carbide seal faces to provide superior abrasion and temperature resistance. Optional Tungsten Carbide seal faces and/or Viton elastomers are available for special applications.


  • All exposed fasteners are 304 Stainless Steel for ease of disassembly after years of service. Optional 316 Stainless Steel hardware available when requested.


  • All major castings are ASTM A48 Class 40 Cast Iron, epoxy coated against corrosion, and sealed with fully captured O rings. Various stainless steel and duplex stainless steel alloys are available for special applications.


  • Centerline discharge pump housing with ANSI B16.1/Class 125 dimensioned discharge flange in sizes from 3“to 20“ Cleanout port is available for ease of inspection and maintenance of dry pit pumps.


  • Replaceable bronze volute ring maintains hydraulic efficiency and is easily replaceable as required. Optional wear ring designs are available such as matched 400 Series SS impeller vs. volute wear rings, heat treated to min. 50 Bhn. hardness difference. Various combinations of 316SS. Hardened Stainless Steel and bronze materials are also available for specific applications.


  • Dynamically balanced, trim-able high efficiency single vane (AMX), multi vane (AK) and vortex (AV) designs are available with generously sized solids passages for superior non-clog performance. Full diameter impeller shrouds are maintained to reduce solids from entering the mechanical seal and wear ring area. Standard ASTM A48 Class 40 Cast Iron impellers provide excellent service life in typical wastewater applications. Optional materials include Ductile Iron, Bronze, 316SS, Duplex Stainless Steel and High Chrome Iron (vortex) along with surface hardening treatments and various coatings for more aggressive services.