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  • Range AK Brochure2,770 KB2017-09-29
  • Ranges AM AV Brochure3,348 KB2017-09-29
  • Wastewater Pump Brochure2,668 KB2018-10-22

Installation And Operation Manual

  • A Series Installation and Operation Manual386 KB2014-07-10
  • A Series Jacketed IOM10,894 KB2015-06-18

Technical Specifications

  • A Series Dry Pit Closed Loop Horizontal Mt Tech Spec38 KB2012-10-17
  • A Series Dry Pit Closed Loop Vertical MT Tech Spec38 KB2012-10-17
  • A Series Jacketed Horizontal Mount Tech Spec40 KB2012-10-17
  • A Series Jacketed Vertical Mount Tech Spec40 KB2012-10-17
  • A Series Jacketed on Auto Coupling Tech Spec41 KB2012-10-17
  • A Series Jacketed on Ring Stand Tech Spec40 KB2012-10-17
  • A Series Non Jacket With ASC on Auto Coupling Tech Spec41 KB2012-10-17
  • A Series Non Jacketed on Ringstand Tech Spec39 KB2012-10-17
  • A Series Non Jacket on Auto Coupling System Tech Spec40 KB2012-10-17


    • EffTec Brochure403 KB2015-04-22
    • High Efficiency AMS Brochure4,832 KB2018-10-22
    • Stainless Steel Brochure2,184 KB2018-10-22



    • BF1286-13 GRP Brochure 20131,298 KB2013-05-07
    • GRP10-50 Brochure165 KB2011-09-28
    • GRP12 GRP19 Brochure157 KB2011-09-28
    • GRP59-118 Brochure241 KB2011-09-28

    Installation And Operation Manual

    • GRP Installation and Operation Manual 201491 KB2014-11-24

    Technical Specifications

    • GRP10-16-21 Tech Spec NON-XP34 KB2012-10-17
    • GRP10-16-21 Tech Spec XP35 KB2012-10-17
    • GRP12-19 Tech Spec NON-XP34 KB2012-10-17
    • GRP12-19 Tech Spec XP35 KB2012-10-17
    • GRP24-50 Tech Spec NON-XP33 KB2012-10-17
    • GRP24-50 Tech Spec XP35 KB2012-10-17
    • GRP59-79-118 Tech Spec NON-XP34 KB2012-10-17
    • GRP59-79-118 Tech Spec XP40 KB2012-10-17

      Other Models

      Additional Information

      • EffTec 60Hz Brochure459 KB2014-09-25
      • Flush Valve Brochure724 KB2014-09-25
      • Sharp Solution Brochure590 KB2014-09-25



      • CH432-436 Brochure167 KB2011-09-28

      Installation And Operation Manual

      • CH Installation Manual183 KB2011-09-28

        CTP SERIES


        • CTP50M Brochure142 KB2011-09-28
        • CTP53M Brochure139 KB2011-09-28

        Installation And Operation Manual

        • CTP Installation Manual126 KB2011-09-28

        Technical Specifications

        • CTP50 Tech Spec Non-XP28 KB2011-09-28



          • HRS Mixer Brochure455 KB2014-09-25

            H SERIES


            • H500-H700 Brochure118 KB2011-09-28

            Installation And Operation Manual

            • HSERIES Installation Manual83 KB2011-09-28

                TP SERIES


                • TP28 Brochure250 KB2011-09-28
                • TP30 TP49 Brochure112 KB2011-09-28
                • TP50M Brochure359 KB2011-09-28
                • TP50V Brochure130 KB2011-09-28
                • TP53M Brochure288 KB2011-09-28
                • TP53V Brochure222 KB2011-09-28
                • TP70 Brochure546 KB2011-09-28

                Installation And Operation Manual

                • TP Series Installation and Operation Manual183 KB2014-07-10

                Technical Specifications

                • TP28 Tech Spec29 KB2011-09-28
                • TP30 Tech Spec- NON XP28 KB2014-11-24
                • TP30Tech Spec- XP24 KB2014-11-24
                • TP49TECHSPEC-NON XP24 KB2014-11-24
                • TP49TECHSPEC-XP24 KB2014-11-24
                • TP50 Tech Spec Non-XP24 KB2014-11-24
                • TP50 Tech Spec XP24 KB2014-11-24
                • TP53 Tech Spec Non-XP24 KB2014-11-24
                • TP53 Tech Spec XP24 KB2014-11-24
                • TP70 Tech Spec Non-XP24 KB2014-11-24
                • TP70 Tech Spec XP24 KB2014-11-24

                  Technical Pages


                  • Duplex Basin Sizing, 3 Inch Pump245 KB2014-07-03
                  • Duplex Basin Sizing, 4 Inch Pump246 KB2014-07-03
                  • Duplex Basin Sizing, 6 Inch Pump246 KB2014-07-29
                  • Guide Rail Brackets, Intermediate, Stainless, Sizing144 KB2014-07-07
                  • Guide Rail Brackets, Upper, Stainless, Sizing106 KB2014-07-07
                  • Reducer Use with Intermediate Guide Rail Brackets185 KB2014-07-03


                  • AVX Model Pumps, Update296 KB2012-06-27
                  • Autocoupling, 2 Inch, Design Update152 KB2014-07-03
                  • Axial Flow Pumps278 KB2014-07-03
                  • Closed Loop Cooling System256 KB2012-06-27
                  • GO Switch, Seal Fail Relay664 KB2013-05-07
                  • HI Testing Standards Update115 KB2014-07-03
                  • Lifting Handles, Stainless Steel218 KB2011-09-28
                  • Mechanical Seal Information, Burgmann219 KB2011-09-28
                  • Myers Grinder Pump Rail Adapters438 KB2012-03-27
                  • VICON Vibration Monitoring404 KB2012-03-27


                  • 3 Phase Power Unbalance119 KB2016-09-21
                  • Electrical Malfunctions277 KB2011-09-28
                  • Motor Overheating268 KB2011-09-28


                  • ASC Cutter Component ID97 KB2012-11-02
                  • Autocoupling, GRP, TP, Model ID138 KB2014-07-03
                  • Autocoupling Parts ID2,673 KB2012-11-02
                  • Cable Inlet, GRP, TP, Cable Inlet ID2,394 KB2014-07-03
                  • Cable Inlet, T-Motor Bolt-On ID1,198 KB2012-11-02
                  • Cable Inlet, Threaded, A Series ID1,516 KB2012-11-02
                  • Cable Inlet Parts, A Series ID1,374 KB2012-11-02
                  • Cable Inlet Styles, A Series ID2,316 KB2014-07-03
                  • Cable Size ID162 KB2016-04-29
                  • Guide Claw Parts ID3,431 KB2014-07-03
                  • Missing Wire Number ID94 KB2012-11-02
                  • Pump Model ID6,783 KB2012-11-02
                  • Start Relays87 KB2015-04-10


                  • Bearing Kit Installation581 KB2014-07-31
                  • Bottom Plate Adjustment, GRP158 KB2011-09-28
                  • Capacitor Wiring Diagram111 KB2016-11-16
                  • Dual Capacitor Wiring Diagram211 KB2016-11-10
                  • Guide Claw Installation, GRP, TP Series354 KB2011-09-28
                  • Guide Claw Installation with GRP Check Valve637 KB2011-09-28
                  • Impeller, A Series Colleted, Installation1,466 KB2014-07-03
                  • Impeller, A Series Colleted, Removal and Installation1,793 KB2016-01-14
                  • Impeller, A Series Keyed, Removal and Installation277 KB2011-09-28
                  • Impeller, GRP, Removal and Installation163 KB2014-07-03
                  • Impeller, TP Series, Removal and Installation271 KB2011-09-28
                  • Lifting Handle Points, GRP500 KB2014-07-03
                  • Meyers 1.25 Inch Adapter Installation486 KB2014-07-03
                  • Meyers 2.5 Inch Adapter Installation460 KB2014-07-03
                  • Profile Seals, 8 Inch and Larger, Installation516 KB2011-09-28
                  • Profile Seals, Up to 6 Inch, Installation140 KB2011-09-28
                  • Seal Probe, External, Installation283 KB2011-09-28
                  • Seal Probe, External, Wiring277 KB2011-09-28
                  • Single Phase Start Up Check List270 KB2011-09-28
                  • Single Phase Start Up Procedure264 KB2011-09-28
                  • Stator Replacement207 KB2016-04-26
                  • Voltage Change, A Series, T and D Motor732 KB2014-07-03
                  • Voltage Change, GRP, TP, T Motor2,579 KB2014-07-03
                  • Voltage Change A Series P and F Motor766 KB2015-04-28
                  • Wear-Ring, A Series, Removal and Installation266 KB2011-09-28
                    • 1 KB2019-07-06
                    • AVX296 KB2012-03-27
                    • privacy policy 11162018315 KB2018-11-21


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